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Here and now, businesses have the opportunity to build workplaces with dignity, a culture of empowerment, and the ability to not only imagine, but to create a just, thriving, and transformative economy that works for all people and the planet.Through collaboration, we can transform our organizations, communities, and economy by embracing new ways of work and the workplace itself, creating communities of belonging, revolutionizing economic models, and shaping a future built on our shared humanity.This full-day, in-person event will bring together thought leaders from throughout Vermont for provocative conversations inspired by a keynote address centered on “Seizing This Moment.” Facilitated dialogues, panel discussions, and workshops follow and will focus on the leading-edge of social and environmental impact. Attendees will also have ample opportunities for networking and meeting our exhibitors in Hula’s beautiful space!

Attendees will emerge inspired, connected with forward-thinking leaders,

and replenished with resources and concrete action steps to drive change.

Humane Workplaces

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Focusing Your Impact

Economic Equity

Keynote Underwriter



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